Pay tribute to someone who has given all. Honor a fallen hero by adding their photo and words of remembrance to the DAV Honor Wall Mosaic.

The DAV Honor Wall Mosaic is not currently accepting submissions.

DAV Helps Veterans

DAV is a nonprofit veteran service organization that provides a lifetime of support for veterans of all generations and their families. We help more than 1 million veterans each year access benefits they earned—such as health care, education and disability—and connecting them to meaningful employment opportunities.

Last year we supported veterans through:

We are wives, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandchildren, friends and veterans…we are DAV; a community committed to ensuring veterans and their families receive their benefits and get the support needed after defending our country and freedom.


Victories for Veterans

See real stories that show some of the ways that DAV is here to help more veterans reach their victories. Because when our veterans win, we all win.